governmental affairs consulting

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Government Affairs (GTH-GA) is a dynamic group of individuals offering comprehensive professional consultancy services including governmental affairs, government research, strategy consulting, and association management to a diverse client base. With three offices (Washington, DC; Tacoma, Washington; Seattle, Washington), GTH-GA’s global team of experienced professionals is prepared for any challenge.

Governmental affairs is GTH-GA’s largest service area, covering all levels of government – local, state, federal and foreign. In addition to providing services before a variety of different governments, GTH-GA has developed policy expertise on numerous subjects. Notable areas of expertise include National Defense and Defense-Industrial representation, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Technology, Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, State and Local Government, Utilities and Transportation.

The key to GTH-GA’s success is our commitment to understanding our clients’ business. A consultant’s ability to recommend effective solutions to complex issues relies on this strong understanding of a client’s business and markets. At GTH-GA we make each client’s business our business.

GTH-GA offers four distinct, yet interactive, business units, as are listed below:

Federal Governmental Affairs Group provides traditional governmental affairs services at the federal level in Washington, DC. This group has an extraordinary track record of successfully influencing legislation, and securing specific budget earmarks for our clients. Our clients also benefit from our proven ability to effectively navigate federal agencies to provide access to decision makers. The key to our federal success is our commitment to proactively develop and recommend strategies that result in government actions that benefit our clients.

Multi-State Governmental Affairs Group specializes in providing governmental affairs and marketing services to businesses and organizations that are impacted by state government legislation, regulations or budgets. Whether designing government market strategy, monitoring legislation, securing intelligence, defeating legislation, implementing complex legislative objectives, providing access, or hiring/managing local lobbyists, GTH-GA has experience representing clients in nearly every state capital. GTH-GA’s clients have gained significant success from Multi-State Group services. In fact, GTH-GA has a national reputation for successfully implementing complex legislative projects to advance our clients’ goals.

Washington State Governmental Affairs Group was established as a traditional Olympia, Washington lobbying organization. With nearly 40 clients and many years of combined governmental affairs experience, GTH-GA has earned a reputation as one of Washington State’s most established and respected lobbying firms. GTH-GA has developed extraordinary contacts within the Legislative and Executive branches of government. These contacts, coupled with our professional work ethic, legal background, issue expertise and effective strategies have created extraordinary success for our clients.

International Public Affairs Group provides strategic advice to American companies whose business activities are impacted by foreign government action. GTH-GA has extensive experience working throughout Europe (including the European Union), Asia, South America and Africa. GTH-GA has developed expertise in researching and understanding foreign governments, and their many different political cultures and protocols. GTH-GA frequently uses our knowledge of foreign governments to design and implement government objectives for our clients.

project development services

Project development services provides project framing, funding strategies, grant writing and project managment assistance. GTH-GA developed this new line of service because over time, our lobbyists observed that it had become increasingly challenging for community projects to successfully compete for state capital funds. Before appropriating funding to local projects, legislative budget writers now expect local sponsors to have secured additional funding partners, exhausted all competitive grant opportunities, considered alternative financing mechanisms, and more. The wide-ranging and substantial demands of running a local government or a nonprofit organization means that many of our clients lack the bandwidth and expertise to meet these expectations.